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Welcome to Lynda Bleyberg Art

My name is Lynda Bleyberg and welcome to my on-line gallery. I am a mixed media artist who is passionate about abstraction. Abstract art uses a visual language of shape, form, colour and line to create a composition which may exist with a degree of independence from visual references in the world. Artists who inspire and inform my work are: Pierre Soulages, Robert Ryman, Yves Klein, Robert Rauschenberg and Ad Reinhardt.

For the abstract paintings on display in my gallery, I have chosen to experiment with a new colour palette, breaking away from my previous work. In this new work I have been exploring darker colours, ranging from deep charcoal greys, to dark purples, greens and muted pinks and reds. Even the gold paint which I have used has been darkened with the addition of bronze, brown or black.

Embracing a new colour palette has been extremely exciting and produced effects which I had not anticipated. I did wonder if using colours at the darker end of the spectrum would make my work appear too sombre. Instead I have noticed that darker colours, especially when used in abstract art, can make the surface appear richer and produce a sensation of peace and calmness. As my paintings have a rich surface texture, I soon started to notice that dark textures tend to catch the light more easily.

During the construction of each canvas I combine fabric, paint and modelling paste, so that my paintings are built up layer by layer until there is a fusion of surface texture and colour. The final surface is covered in a layer of gloss gel medium. I use many types of fabrics, including lace, brocade, pieces of embroidery, muslin, silk, nets and meshes. I cut, burn, and tear the fabric into strips. Sometimes I use a soldering iron in order to distress the fabric . These strips are placed onto the canvas which has already been covered in the modelling paste and paint. Sometimes I make my own lace or meshes. The effort is worthwhile as I can control the thickness or thinness of the fabric I am creating.

The process of making each painting is often slow and labour intensive. It takes time and cannot be rushed. I hope that the end result is that the viewer will want to touch the surface of the painting. I also hope that my artwork will be interesting to view close up or from a distance.

I create these artworks at my studio here in the beautiful seaside resort of Bridlington. I have plans for many more series of artworks. One series in particular will be based on the mysterious colours of the sea. I have all the inspiration that I need right here on my doorstep.

Please do enjoy my website, and contact me if you have any questions or you would like me to make a commission for you.

Lynda Bleyberg