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I am a professional artist, born in Suffolk. Growing up in Felixstowe, I was encouraged by my parents to draw, paint and sew. My childhood memories include many outings to art exhibitions at the local East Anglian galleries. Making art has always been a great passion in my life.


I have an educational background in embroidery and textiles and was fortunate enough to be taught by the late Valerie Campbell Harding. In addition, I have an ongoing interest in the history of art. In 1995, I went up to St Andrews University where I obtained a Master of Theology degree. The course enabled me to further my interest in art history, religious thought, spirituality and mysticism. I did additional study within the Art History department, and it was during this time that my love for abstract art developed and was encouraged. My dissertation was titled: ‘Is it possible to have a Theology of Art?’


Lynda Bleyberg Art

I live and work in the East Riding of Yorkshire. The sea is at the end of my road, and the beautiful scenery with the constantly changing colours inspires my palette choices.



I am a mixed media visual artist. I am fascinated by the combination and contrast of textured media upon the canvas surface. The pure joy and beauty of colour inspires me to create, and the possibilities seem to be without end.

I hope to give viewers an experience that is personally meaningful when they engage with my canvases; an opportunity perhaps to go beyond words, or to retrieve a memory or an emotion.

I work with acrylic paint, gel medium, modelling paste, paper, fabric, sand, glitter and thread, striving to create complex organic surfaces, generally working within a limited or restricted colour field. As each canvas progresses, I let the work evolve. A meditative dialogue takes place between myself and the developing work and I wait to see where I will be led. Each canvas goes through a series of transformations, working towards a resolution layer by layer.

Making art gives me an opportunity to engage with the mystery and spiritual complexities of our universe, and to reflect upon the transcendental nature of our existence.

Lynda Bleyberg M Theol.( Hons)